More than Voice of the Customer:

You Need Voice of the Market

Have you ever wished you could just ask your prospective customers what it would take to get them to buy?
We ask them. We listen. We get answers.
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Voice of the Market and Voice of the Customer

The market
has a voice.
Can you hear it?
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Marketing that Aligns with and Drives Sales

It has been said that the purpose of marketing is to know the market so well that the product virtually sells itself. We agree and we capture that level of knowledge for our clients with our Voice of the Market methodology. More than Voice of the Customer, we research your prospective future customers. Existing customers have already drank your cool-aid. It is quite possible and in fact rather common that prospective customers have a different set of pain points, or a different lexicon they use to describe those pains.

Through the Voice of the Market process, we uncover:

  • buying motivations,
  • decision-making processes,
  • sales objections,
  • competitive profiles

…and all of the right information to accelerate your sales, business development and demand generation activities.

Voice of the Market = Market-Validated Messaging

The Voice of the Market is a service that provides the intelligence needed to reach prospective customers, position successfully against the competition and grow your business. Voice of the Market is marketing with precision. It’s benefits include:

  • Market-validated positioning,
  • Messaging, and unique selling propositions based on the actual terminology and pain points of your target markets.
  • It will tell you the best way to reach your target audience, including the best lead generation programs, industry events, and sales tools.
  • Content marketing strategies, deliverables, and destination publications, websites, blogs, analysts, webinars – that actually matter to your audience.
  • …and it will even help you target the search terms they would use to find your solution.

This is marketing for the purpose of driving leads, sales and revenue. It directs sales-marketing alignment.

It’s Like Voice of the Customer, Only Better!

We talk to the people you want to be your customers. We ask them the questions you wish you could ask, and we do it without the bias or pressure that necessarily comes in conversations with vendors’ sales or marketing personnel.

Voice of the Market goes beyond interviews with internal stakeholders and customers – both of whom are already predisposed to the status quo. We reach out to net new prospects in your target market who may not have even heard of your company. Similarly, we’ll reach out to the people who chose a competitor’s solution or the ever-present “do nothing” alternative.