Tailored Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have.
But here’s the thing:
Most companies get their content marketing wrong.

customized content

Get the Right Fit

Content marketing isn’t a nice-to-have tool in your marketing toolbox. These days, it’s a must-have.  

As B2B customers seek new efficiencies and better solutions for their own organizations, they aren’t only curious about what products and services you have for them. They want to know how you can help them too.

But here’s the thing: Most companies get their content marketing wrong.

Vendors think they can check the content marketing box when they deliver bloated product brochures as “thought leadership” instead of actually providing information that’s truly useful and relevant to their customers.

At the same time, they do it on the cheap. But, let’s face it, low-cost, high-volume content factories produce … well … low-cost, high-volume content.


Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Great content marketing will …
top-of-the-funnelHit the Top
of the Funnel

Deliverables cover industry hot topics that grab prospective customer’s attention and encourage them to cough up their contact information in exchange for your eBook, white paper or infographic.

middle-of-the-funnelGet you to the
Middle of the Funnel

Pieces bridge that industry hot topic or challenge with how your organization can help tackle them through customer panel webinars, case studies and blog posts.

bottom-of-the-funnelDeliver you to the
Bottom of the Funnel

Content gets your prospective customer ready for your sales team with solution demonstrations and articles that speak to sales objections.

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Market Validated Marketing

At Thirdside, we help B2B companies attract, convert and close new customers with a digital content marketing strategy that meets buyers where they’re at with a custom-built message that draws them in.

As we craft a story for your brand, we tell …  


We cover the leadership and management challenges that your potential customers are dealing with daily.


We spell out how your products or services will solve the particular issues your prospective customers are facing.


We marry each side of the story together to provide actionable advice for your potential customers – and new clients for you.

Thirdside’s 7-Step Content Marketing Game Plan

1Dive deep into your industry

We take a hard look at your industry, your competitors and any market trends to deliver a custom content strategy that’s designed just for your organization.

2Learn from your audience

Through comprehensive research and in-depth interviews, we get to know your customers and potential customers to uncover their buying journey, what they need, why they buy and where they’re looking.

3Uncover your story

We land on the message that both tells your organization’s singular story and persuades and motivates customers to buy.

4Find your customers

Are they perusing your blog? Or, more likely, scanning LinkedIn, Twitter and trade show expo floors? We’ll land on the best channels to tell your unique story.

5Create custom content

Once we’ve nailed down the message and how and where to tell it, our team of writers will build the right content to lure clients and convince them to buy.

6Get the word out

We spread your message through the right channels and help you boost your business’ SEO. We use all the appropriate tools – from social media to email – to broadcast your message.

7Measure outcomes and results

With every campaign, we’ll look back to find out what’s working and what doesn’t – and make the required adjustments.

Intentional, deliberate content marketing

With Thirdside as your virtual content marketing agency, you’ll know that every decision is intentional and every piece of content is deliberate, backed by your expertise and our research into your specific sector and distinct audience.

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