Messaging: Speak the
Language of your Market

The Foundation of Successful Customer Acquisition

resonant messaging

The Pill vs. The Pain: Is your messaging right?

To turbocharge your marketing campaigns, lead generation and revenue growth, you need the right message. That means focusing on your customer’s pain, not your pill.
You have solutions that you want to tell the world about, but are you using words that make sense to your target market? Are you speaking their language? Have you fallen into the trap of confusing features with benefits? Are you even addressing the issues your audience cares about?

We see it happen all the time: companies become myopic – too focused on what they want to sell and they have a hard time putting themselves in the shoes of the people to whom they want to sell.

Market-Validated Messaging

Effective message development doesn’t happen in boardrooms or on white boards. In fact, if your messaging or value proposition was conceived by a group of internal stakeholders sitting around a conference room table, you can consider that a leading indicator that your messaging is off-target.

Beware the Whiteboard

Many companies take the boardroom+whiteboard approach to messaging, but it never works. The result often doesn’t mean anything to anyone outside of the company – especially not your customers or prospects.

Personas are not on your Whiteboard

If you want messaging that resonates, you need to learn the language of your target market. You need candid, unbiased feedback from representative stakeholders in those companies. Thirdside does that. We’ll test, refine and validate the best messaging for you with the people you want to sell to one day.

With Thirdside’s experts and time-tested strategies and techniques, you’ll get your message right.


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