Market Validation: for Products, Messaging and Market Expansion

Know who buys, how they buy, and why they buy.
...and just as important: know why they won’t buy.

market validation

Market Validation – Know Your Market

Even in today’s world of agile development and minimum viable products, you still have a fundamental need to understand what motivates your prospects to become customers … and why, sometimes, they decide to walk away.

With a Thirdside market validation project, you’ll know who to call, what to say and how to reach them. Think of it as precision in marketing with market-validated value propositions, messaging and demand generation campaigns.

We talk to the people you hope to turn into customers one day. We interview them to find out their needs and motivations — the things they care most about and the things that would get their attention. We’ve run marketing departments and we’ve carried sales quotas. We bring those experiences to each and every interview to gather the actionalble market intelligence you need for messaging, demand generation and sales.

Market Validation is not just something you should do before launching a new product or expanding into a new market segment. Take the same approach of interviewing representatives of your target market to refine personas, inform your content marketing strategy and prioritize your lead generation campaigns.

With Market Validation, you’ll KNOW:

  • Who to call on – target companies, target titles and associated personas
  • What to say – the pain points, issues and topics that will cut through the noise and get their attention. Your messaging.
  • How to reach them – the marketing channels, deliverables and sales tools that will help them consume your message.
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Market Validation for Messaging

Did you know the majority of sales and marketing executives view messaging as one of their biggest concerns? They are not sure that the words they use hit on the right pain points, value propositions, or even terminology.  Being able to distinguish between the features of your solution and the benefits your target market actually cares about is critical for messaging that resonates.


Market Validation for Content Marketing

Has it occurred to you that not everyone can be a so-called thought leader? With everybody jumping on the content marketing bandwagon, how do you make sure your content stands out? Simple: use Market Validation to hone in on the topics your prospective customers care about, map them to your value proposition, they buyer’s journey and your sales and marketing funnel. Again, you’ll benefit from having a third party take on this research so you results aren’t tainted towards the features of your solution, but are still mapped in an intellectually honest way.  Watch those leads start rolling in!


Market Validation by Third Party

As a neutral third party, our research consultants are able to ask the questions you only wish you could ask of your target market. By removing the biases and latent pressures  that come from having a vendor in the conversation, we get the candid responses you need to improve your marketing, demand generation and sales processes.  


Why Thirdside?

We know the drill. We’re marketing experts who have carried sales quotas. As a neutral third party and with an eye towards addressing your specific sales and marketing challenges, we speak to the people you hope to make customers one day and get candid answers to important questions such as:

  • What would the buying process look like and who are the decision makers?
  • What objections do you think we would encounter if we were to try to sell this to your company?
  • What could make this a “must-have” solution for you?
With Thirdside, you’ll have precision in marketing.
That whole sales-marketing disconnect goes away when they get involved.  I’m a career sales executive, and I pull in Thirdside when I need to fill the sales funnel with qualified leads in a hurry.

~ Ned WeintraubDirector
Global SalesHP Cloud Services