Seek first to understand

Know Your Market. Reach Your Customers. Grow Your Business.

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Market Research

Before you launch a product, expand into a new market, or even run a content marketing campaign, make sure your marketing investments are aligned with the needs, interests and aspirations of your target audience.

Market research with Thirdside is a chance to walk in the shoes of the people you want to sell to. We get to know what they care about, why they care about it and whether or not they would buy from you.

Through a combination of online surveys and one-on-one interviews, we get inside your market and understand it from the perspective of your future customers.


Know Your Market

Market research is THE way to find the best market, message and value proposition for a product or service. It provides focus and precision in marketing that will give you better and faster results from your future campaigns.


Dominate Your Competition

The Art of War:
“Know your enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril.”

Market research will help you understand your competitors’ approach to branding, messaging, demand generation, and their entire digital marketing footprint. Where is your competition placing their bets? Should you go head-to-head in some arenas, while avoiding others?  You should Know… and you can!

A combination of qualitative and quantitative research can help you make informed decisions and give you an advantage in the market.


Differentiate with Relevance

If you research the stakeholders in the markets you aim to serve, you will be operating from a position of strength on the competitive landscape. Most companies tend to gather their experts in a room when the time comes to define marketing campaigns and messaging.

Primary research keeps you dialed into the needs, wants and desires of your target market. Use it as the source of truth to get around internal or departmental biases.

Imagine how your company could leapfrog the competition if you sought the opinions of the prospective future customers in addition your internal experts.

Market research centers your business on the needs of your customers.