Content Marketing:

Don’t Roll the Dice

Create Content with Purpose & Precision

content marketing

Content Marketing

Your Content Marketing campaigns should be be built on relevant, engaging and entertaining content that will drive customer acquisition. Webinars, eBooks, infographics and videos are just some content marketing deliverables that can drive net new leads into your sales funnel and nurture them to sales engagement.

Content Marketing Strategy

Don’t fall into the trap of marketing activity for the sake of activity. Know your audience: their persona’s, their issues and how how to relate it back to your value proposition and the stages of your sales funnel. You will need different content for the top of the funnel, the middle of the funnel and the lower/latter stages of the funnel

Find the Right Topics

First, make sure you have a topic that your market actually cares about. Hint: it may not be what you think it is! Never fear: through our tried and true (and turnkey) approach to messaging and market validation, we will help you focus on topics that are top of mind with your target audience: the problems they want to solve and the solutions they are in the market to buy.

The Right Format

Video? Infographic? eBook? Webinar? Blog? Social Media? Which ones should you choose? We’ll help you there too. Some formats and marketing channels work better in some markets than in others. We’ll help you pick the right format and channel for your market and the stage of the sales funnel you want to impact.

Engaging Design

Any content created needs to adhere to your current branding and design standards. With Top shelf design talent and market-validated topics we get more Downloads, Views, Shares, Likes, and Tweets for you because the content we create resonates with your target audience.

With Purpose

Prospects will self-educate over 60% of the their buying process before they engage with your sales people. Your content needs to facilitate and even accelerate this self-service mode. We align your content with your customer’s buying cycle, ensuring both the format and the content help move the prospect along in their process.

Content Marketing Results

Obviously we’ll be happy to provide customer referrals as we explore a mutually beneficial relationship in the future. In the meantime, here are some prior client metrics:

  • 400% YoY increase in inbound leads
  • 60% registration to attendance conversion rate on webinars
  • 300% increase in webinar registrations
  • 30X increase in ebook downloads


Good Content = More Leads = More Revenue

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