• We Get More People
    to Buy Your Stuff.

    We’ve carried sales quotas.
    We’ve run marketing departments.
    We get the whole sales & marketing alignment thing.

  • Get to KNOW your customer.

    Imagine being able to ask your prospects about what really matters to THEM outside the pressure of a sales call?
 We do that.

  • Marketing from the customers’ perspective.

    We know how to get qualified leads into the hands of your sales team, and we know how to scale the marketing engine to keep the leads flowing.

  • Know. Reach. Grow.

    Know your market. Reach your customers. Grow your business.

Our Approach

We fix the sales-marketing alignment issue by taking opinions out of the mix.
Imagine being able to ask your prospects about what really matters to THEM outside the pressure of a sales call?
We do that.
We talk to the people you want to sell to. We get in their heads. We learn what they care about. We learn where they go for information and how you can stand out from the competition.
Our proprietary Voice of the Market approach goes way beyond the customer. We look at your competition, your customers, non-customers, and prospects.

We let the market tell us how to market.

With this approach you KNOW
WHO to call on,
HOW to reach them,
and WHAT to say to them.

This knowledge forms the basis for how we market and how we grow your business, including:

We get more Leads and Opportunities and Revenue for you because the plans and campaigns we deliver resonate with the people you want to sell to.

More than Marketing


Marketing is greater than the sum of its parts. It is not a check list of stuff you need to work through.


It is the voice of your company. It is the value proposition you offer to your customers and the channels through which you reach them.


It resonates with them. It speaks to their interests. It addresses their challenges. It presents them with opportunities.


And in the process, it sells your stuff by capturing, nurturing and converting more leads into sales opportunities.

We Get Results

You need more leads and opportunities in your sales funnel. You need to nurture them through to a sales conversation and you need to keep your sales team focused on closing deals.  We get it. We do it.  Our operators are standing by…  (Call anytime.)  In the meantime, here are few examples:

» 280% Increase

» Six-fold Increase

» 50% Increase

» 35% of sales opportunities originate with our manually compiled prospect list
» eBook returns 20x
» ROI in sales pipeline landing page conversion rate of 40%
» Infographic: >20% of viewers share via Twitter



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What they’re saying about us

That whole sales-marketing disconnect goes away when they get involved.  I’m a career sales executive, and I pull in Thirdside when I need to fill the sales funnel with qualified leads in a hurry.
Ned WeintraubDirector, Global SalesHP Cloud Services